What is Edification?

Edification is a play on my name; it’s a little silly, a little faux-stuffy. You don’t grow up with a name as old-fashioned as Edith without learning to play with the mothballs.

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Why subscribe?

Every Sunday morning, I send dispatches from Appalachia and the world of writing and art. I promise to shoot for something interesting to take in with your coffee.

But, like, why subscribe to a newsletter? Here’s one reason:

Newsletters are blogs that come to you

Nobody has time to ramble around the blogosphere in this day and age.

Newsletters are the puppy-dogs that follow you home. We’re waiting on your porch, whenever you’re ready. We know you like us, you just gotta convince your mom to let us stay. We’ll eat the leftovers. We bark at spiders.

But seriously.

Newsletters are a direct line

I think of the newsletter as a repurposed mode of communication. They help writers to keep in touch with readers (and friends!) independent of the platforms of social media.

Writers are communicators. Writers have always written newspaper columns and good old-fashioned letters. Newsletters are a modern hybrid of those traditions. What’s old is new.